Client Testimonials

"Michael was really good to deal with. He was always friendly, he had good suggestions and really provided me with some excellent guidance. He had the experience so he would suggest idea's, "have you thought about this" he would say. In a sense he protected me from myself, he had the experience I needed. I changed my mind a number of times but he never made me feel that it was a problem ("he probably thought I was a wing nut at times, but he was always patient and friendly"). I love the product that I got."

Stephanie G.

"This was the biggest part of our renovation. I have waited a long time to get a great kitchen. He was budget conscious. Michael commented many times just to keep us aware of costs. He was not trying to up sell us - we never felt any pressure ever." "Michael was just great, we hit it off, he had great ideas. Micheal's knowledge really came through in our renovation - we had no negative experiences. It was a great experience with Micheal - it was a match made in heaven."

Cathy S

"Everything went really well" "A friend had used Michael and referred him to me. I arranged to meet with him and based on a very successful interview, went with Michael and have not regretted that decision in any way."

Audrey R.

"Michael was very good." "We started with another company and after 3 months were nowhere with them, so I went across the road to the Jayman Showhome and checked to see who did their kitchen, as it was very well done. They sent me to Legacy and we met with Michael, who we immediately connected with and it went from there.

Faye S.

"He was very good" "He is just a pleasure to work with. Pleasant and patient and never annoyed. I changed my mind a few times and he was great to work with." "Originally we were going to go with a designer that wasn't hooked up with anyone so there would be no prejudices. The designer we found didn't work out, but this took us a while to figure out. Then we went to ******* kitchens and the fellow there said " I know your house design" and wouldn't actually come here to discuss things with us. After this we were out in Canmore for a week and went to Legacy's showroom there. We overheard the designer dealing with the client in a very positive way and asked if she would take us on. She suggested the Calgary company and arranged for Michael to come out. He was so fantastic right from the beginning, that we went with him."

Lorna Y.

"We met with Michael the first time we came to the show room and he was very patient with our questions, had great suggestions and we felt a bond with him. He did a good job for us."

Rob M.

"Michael was very good at listening to what both my husband and I wanted in this kitchen and he delivered with a design that suited both our needs."

Linda J.

"If we were going to do another kitchen, I would seek him out. He was excellent and all the trades guys spoke very highly of him as a Designer. When the trades guys speak highly of someone, you know you have a winner."

Sherril S.

"Michael was easy to deal with. He was professional, very knowledgeable and good at explaining options. I would suggest what I wanted and he would give more options that I didn't know about and I appreciated that. It gave me a better kitchen. Michael was a pleasure to work with."

Dorothy S.

"Michael was very personable and easy to talk to. We have a 4 year old son and Michael also connected with him, which was great"

Lianne D.

"Once we met with Michael we knew it would work, he knew what we were looking for and we trusted him"

Sharon H.

All the quotes above are taken from a client satisfaction survey conducted by independent firm Client Insight to each client on the conclusion of their project.